Are You My Hero, Amos Avery?

In quiet moments, like the 6 o'clock hour on a Saturday morning in the dead of winter, I'm thinking about my plan to write a new book about the early settlers of the small mountain town of Wilmington, New York. At this stage of contemplation, I'm looking for a main character for the book.

Amos Avery was born in Charlemont, Massachusetts in 1798. His father was a captain in the Revolutionary War, and a "hatter" by trade. It's not clear when Amos moved to the Wilmington area, but judging by the fact the rest of his family remained in Charlemont, it isn't likely that Amos arrived in the Adirondacks until after 1816. Charlemont is a beautiful, small town in northwestern, Massachusetts, along what's known today as the "Mohawk Trail," and I could easily see writing about his childhood there.

As an adult, Amos was the town BLACKSMITH, which could make for some interesting stories. At 29 years of age he married Eliza Bucklin Sanford, daughter of Wilmington's leading citizen, Reuben Sanford and his wife Polly. Together Amos and Eliza had 11 children, and some of them went on to be life-long residents of Wilmington, New York. Amos died in the early fall of 1892 after living an extraordinary 94 years, encompassing nearly all of the 1800s.

Perhaps this is the compelling character I'd like to build a story around. I'll have to learn more about Amos Avery.

AuSable River at High Falls Gorge in Wilmington, New York

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