Are You My Hero: Reuben Sanford?

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

This morning I read the book Wilmington and the Whiteface Region, from the Images of America series (again) by the Wilmington Historical Society. I can well appreciate the effort it took to put this remarkable book together. The history, stories, pictures, postcards, and captions are captivating and provide a phenomenal account of a wonderful town.

I'm in the beginning stages of working on an historical novel, set in Wilmington in the very early 1800s and I'm looking for a main character to build the story around. Who should be the main character, and what should the hero's journey be about?

Reuben Sanford would be the most obvious candidate. He was an early settler in the town. He was a captain of the town's earliest industries, and I believe he was a major in the War of 1812. His only son lived for three days, in September 1804. Then Reuben and his wife Polly had seven daughters.

Reuben Sanford is certainly a candidate for the historical novel treatment! I will have to see what else I can learn about him.

A Tree Clings to a Rock at High Falls Gorge, Wilmington, NY

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