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Big News and a Special Invitation

Hello, friends!

I sent my latest manuscript to the publisher and it has been accepted. My new book is called She Sees Ghosts-The Story of a Woman Who Rescues Lost Souls. Hopefully in 10 to 15 weeks it will be a book.

The feedback I got was, "You have created a thrilling story with convincing characters. I was immediately intrigued by Mehitable. Your characters and voice create an intense, well-paced narrative. Overall your work demonstrates strong writing with a story line that flows nicely." I loved reading these words, first thing this morning.

If you'd like to read a FREE eBook of She Sees Ghosts before it's available for sale, in exchange for an honest review, please email me at When it is ready, I'll send you a "Bookfunnel Link." This link should allow you to download it to your favorite device.

And about that special invitation...

I've started a special Facebook group I'm calling "Adirondack Spirit Guides." It is a private, members only group. It's where I'll turn for advice on my journey as an author. What kind of advice? Well, it could be anything, like helping me name a character for instance. Right now, I'm seeking feedback on excerpts to share.

Here's how you can find the group. Search Facebook for "Adirondack Spirit Guides" or follow this link:

I'd love to have you join me there.

All the best, David Fitz-Gerald

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