New Year's Resolution

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Start a Blog... and then maintain it. At inception, my thoughts are:

#1 To write about my first book, In the Shadow of a Giant, and the realization that being an amateur author requires a certain amount of marketing skill and social media presence. Please excuse shameless begging for positive reviews on Amazon... #itsoag

#2 To write about my second book, now a completed manuscript... currently in the editing phase. The working title is Wanders Far. It is the story of a native American hiker, runner, messenger, and seer set in the early 1100s, which is to say pre-Columbian America. Wanders Far and his family spent their summers on what is known today as Copperas Pond at the foot of Whiteface Mountain. This book is my version of the Legend of How Whiteface Mountain Got its Name. The main character is a member of the Bear Clan from the Mohawk tribe of the People of the Longhouse, better known as Iroquois. Wanders Far also plays an heroic role in my version of the epic story of how the five tribes became a powerful nation, and perhaps the world's most enduring democracy.

#3 To write a third book with input from readers. It will be set in Wilmington, New York, at the founding of the town in the very early-1800s. I am just at the beginning stages, and I welcome suggestions. As with my first two books, I plan to combine real, historical people with fictional characters, in hopes of bringing that time period back to life.

Setting the Table for the Future... this is actually a picture from Wallingford, Vermont - not the Adirondacks. It looks like it could be found along an Adirondack by-way, though.

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