Let's Make History Together

I googled this phrase, "Let's Make History Together," and I checked out the U.S. patent and trademark website. It doesn't look like that phrase is taken! So I thought I'd use it as a tagline on this Blog... This is my first day as a "blogger," but my thought is to use the blog to think-out-loud as I develop my next literary adventure. So far all I have planned is to tell the story of the founding of Wilmington, New York, and the story of some of its first citizens. The town was first settled in approximately 1812, and was created from the town of Jay, New York in approximately 1821 as Dansville, and re-named a year later, after a town of the same name in Vermont. So when I say, "Let's Make History Together" I am hoping that subscribers will enjoy answering polls. You could help me name characters, determine their personalities, and suggest stories within the story. When I get "writers block" I can turn to you to get me moving again. I would also welcome pictures and descriptions of artifacts from that time period, especially of artifacts from the area. If the future allows, and if this model works, I'd love to put it to use again. #itsoag #whiteface #wilmingtonNY https://www.facebook.com/intheshadowofagiant/ https://www.facebook.com/WilmingtonHistoricalSociety/

Algonquin Puddles, one of my very favorite images, from the top of Algonquin Mountain.

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