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MERCIES OF THE FALLEN - American Civil War Brides: Book 2, by Eileen Charbonneau

It’s 1862. He is a French Canadian soldier of Irish descent, serving in the Union Army during the American Civil War. She cares for the wounded, mostly the ones who are expected to die from their injuries. Because of his injuries, he can’t see a thing. She smells of lemon balm, and he makes her laugh. In the darkest of times and the strangest of places, love finds a way. But she’s not who she seems to be. Events conspire to keep them apart even as her beloved brother conspires to bring them together.

This book is as imaginative as its predecessor, SEVEN APRILS. A couple of characters from Book 1 make minor appearances in this book, but the show primarily belongs to a different cast of characters.

This story is beautifully complicated, but I never felt lost. It took several unexpected turns, adding to the suspense. I was sure I knew what was going to happen, and then it didn’t. Days later, I’m still a little surprised at how things turned out.

I learned several new things about the Civil War, and the best part is that the author never seemed to be teaching or explaining. Instead, the events carried the history lessons seamlessly.

I tremendously enjoyed reading Mercies of the Fallen. I’m so glad I read it and I highly recommend this book.


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