The Curse of Conchobar

A Prequel to the Adirondack Spirit Series

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Washed ashore!

A young man is lost at sea and survives a terrifying ordeal on the open sea only to arrive in a new land with nothing but his memories.

His father abandoned him and left him with a curse. His mother gave him a name befitting a king, then died during childbirth. The monks of Skellig Michael raised him to be a pacifist and prepared him for life as a mason.

Conchobar is rescued by one village, captured by another, and becomes a pawn in their never-ending war. Banished by one, condemned by the other, he must become a warrior. In addition to the enemy villages, he must fight the curse that follows him wherever he goes. He discovers that he has the gift of telepathy. Will his extrasensory perceptions be enough to break the curse?

There’s no going back. Evil surrounds him. Conchobar must adapt or die.

The Adirondack Spirit Series is an epic, multi-generational family saga and it all starts with this ancient ancestor, Conchobar. Are supernatural tendencies hereditary? If you guessed yes, maybe you are descended from old souls too.

The year is AD 549. Start your Adirondack adventure with The Curse of Conchobar-A Prequel to the Adirondack Spirit Series.



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