Waking Up Lost

A Mystical Fantasy Adventure

Part of the Adirondack Spirit Series

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Traveling without warning. Nights lost to supernatural journeys. Is one young man fated to wander far from safety?

New York State, 1833. Noah Munch longs to fit in. Living with a mother who communes with ghosts and a brother with a knack for heroics, the seventeen-year-old wishes he were fearless enough to discover an extraordinary purpose of his own. But when he mysteriously awakens in the bedroom of the two beautiful daughters of the meanest man in town, he realizes his odd sleepwalking ability could potentially be deadly.

Convinced that leaving civilization is the only way to keep himself and others safe, Noah pursues his dream of becoming a mountain man and slips away into the primeval woods. But after a strong summer storm devastates his camp, the troubled lad finds his mystical wanderings have only just begun.

Can Noah find his place before he’s destroyed by a ruthless world?

Waking Up Lost is the immersive fourth book in the Adirondack Spirit Series of historical fiction. If you like coming-of-age adventures, magical realism, and stories of life on the American frontier, then you’ll love David Fitz-Gerald’s compelling chronicle.

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Praise for Waking Up Lost

What is the strange malady that affects 17 year old Noah, growing up in New York State in 1833? He takes his rest in one place and wakes up in another. Is he sleepwalking? Is it more mystical? After all, his mother is a ghost whisperer, helping unsettled spirits of the dead complete their journey to the afterlife. And his father is a Native American mystic who died before Noah was born.

This is a coming of age tale like no other from the highly original and creative mind of David Fitz-Gerald. Noah takes off into the wilderness and gets felled by a tree, awakens on the top of a mountain, has a horror adventure as a canal barge worker, and walks home with the ghost of Ethan Allen. The novel warns "not all miracles are good things" but forgiveness proves key to lives past, present, and to come --- Eileen Charbonneau, author of Mercies of the Fallen

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