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Caught in a Trance

Part of The Adirondack Spirit Series

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Addicted to the world beyond the veil, will he escape creeping danger before his future is forfeit?


Wilmington, New York, 1849. Moses Munch defines happy-go-lucky. Living amidst the gloriously beautiful Adirondack mountains, the skilled hypnotist loves to spend his days using his gift to help others. But after he experiments with a risky self-induced trance, his former passion turns into a dark obsession.


Neglecting the present in his fascination with an otherworldly spiritual council’s stories about his past lives, Moses becomes blind to his wife and son’s struggles. And as he wraps his mind in a supernatural cocoon, the town he used to serve begins spiraling into decay.


Has he permanently sundered soul from body, or can he reclaim his destiny before his life is lost?


Caught In A Trance is the breathtaking fifth book in the Adirondack Spirit Series of magical realism historical fiction. If you like intricately realistic characters, musings on reincarnation, and epic family sagas, then you’ll adore David Fitz-Gerald’s quest for revelation.


Buy Caught In A Trance to fight free from a nightmare today!


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