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Series Description: A Seph Vermillion Western Adventure

This western adventure series hits the trail in 2024. So far, it consists of a prequel novella, Farewell to Poesta Creek, and a series starter, First Drive.

Seph Vermillion never promised Ma that he would find his siblings.

Two visions compel Seph to forever leave the plow behind. Somewhere off to the north, there are towering peaks that reach toward the heavens. His heart also aches when he thinks of the girl of his dreams. She's lived in his imagination forever. He thinks of her whenever he looks at her image captured on the inside lid of a cigar box. If only she were real.

Though he never promised, and he isn't in a hurry to find them, Seph can't stop thinking about the promise he didn't make to Ma. She begged him on her death bed to find them. She was certain that they were all doing great things. Their names are listed in the family Bible: Alexander, Genevieve, Gabriel, Scott, Jolene, and Mitchell. Seph is the youngest. He can barely recall his fully-grown, long-lost brothers and sisters. Maybe someday he will get around to finding them.

Meanwhile, Seph signs on with the Deatherage Longhorn Cattle Ranch. He grows from greenhorn to wrangler, then scout, top hand, and ramrod. Perhaps someday, he'll wind up trail boss or even cattle baron. Will Seph find everything he seeks along the great western trails?

Meet the old west's newest hero, Seph Vermillion in the prequel novella, Farewell to Poesta Creek. Download the eBook from Book Funnel at

Then sign on for First Drive


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