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Book Description: Farewell to Poesta Creek


It's 1868. Meet the old west's newest hero -- Seph Vermillion... before he was a hero.

Seph is the youngest of seven children. his siblings grew up and moved out so long ago, he doesn't remember what they looked like.

Pa never returned from the war. Ma's been sick for years. Since his early teens, Seph has had to take care of everything, including Ma.

A couple of times every year, a trio of bandits ravage the farm and make off with Seph's savings. They raid the larder and swipe farm animals, leaving Seph and Ma short on provisions. To make matters worse, they wreck the barnyard forcing Seph to spend hours making endless repairs.

During a brief, lucid moment, ma tells Seph that he should find his brothers and sisters. She's certain that they're doing great things. But Seph doesn't tell Ma what she wants to hear. Shortly after expressing her final wish, Ma draws her last breath.

Hang the siblings. Why should Seph care about them? All those years, Ma needed them, but they never came to visit, never sent a word of their whereabouts, and never posted a letter. Instead, Seph dreams of distant mountains and fantasizes about a girl... how many times has he gazed at the picture of her on the cigar box under his bead? If only she were real.

After years of pushing a plow, furrowing rows, and busting sod, Seph should have planned for this day. He knew it was coming. As it turns out, leaving the past behind is hard. Sometimes, life's gotta kick you in the butt to get you moving.

Find out how Seph Vermillion got his start in Farewell to Poesta Creek.

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