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References and Recommended Reading

The following books appear on my bookshelf or reside in my Kindle Fire.


Gregory Franzwa's book, Maps of the Oregon Trail was the single most helpful reference and I'm glad to have a copy of that. Some of the stark accounts of traveling the Oregon Trail were heart-breaking. The Covered Wagon Women series includes eleven books, which I was happy to find available on Ebay. Some of the meals served in Ghosts Along the Oregon Trail, and the names of the oxen were inspired by the book, Wagon Wheel Kitchens. I wish it featured recipes as well, but I prefer washing dishes to preparing meals. A couple of plot points were added after reading Francis Parkman's book. I learned a great deal by reading Spotted Tail's Folk and People of the Wind River. Jerry Enzler's biography of Jim Bridger was a great read and I highly recommend it.

If you enjoy Ghosts Along the Oregon Trail, you might enjoy reading Lead Me home, Days of Hope, Where the Lost Wander, Westward Courage, Heck's Journey, and an Incident at South Pass. Only, I hope you finish reading my series first!

Surfing the Oregon Trail

There are numerous websites featuring The Oregon Trail. I think I've visited them all, and whenever I surf the internet my mind wanders uncontrollably, which might explain the many plotlines included in Ghosts Along the Oregon Trail. Here are some of my favorite links.

My favorite site - there's lots to see at Legends of America

This website looks like it was created some time ago. It's dense, but full of great detail.

Oregon Trail 101, compiled by Prof. Jim Tompkins

Mileposts along the Oregon Trail, subpage of Oregon Trail 101

Dress of the Oregon Trail emigrants, 1843-1855

Guns that "won the west"

The Birthing Stone and White Mountain Petroglyphs

Picasso the mustang inspired the wild horse, Gwibunzi in Ghosts Along the Oregon Trail

Shoshoni/English dictionary

Chief Washakie

Wagon train contracts

Square dancing

Rag dolls

How Oregon got its name

Hand talk

Black Exclusion Laws in Oregon

"The real reason people rarely rode in wagons on the Oregon Trail"

A "close look at a covered wagon" video

"The hard day in the life of a pioneer on the Oregon Trail"

Authentic Music of the Oregon Trail


Oregon Trail: Wagons to West

Historic Trails

The Narrows on Ross Fork, then and now

American Falls of the Snake River, no longer exists

Yellow bellied marmots

Robidoux Pass

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