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History + Fiction + Adirondack Spirit

This is the "official" website of author David Fitz-Gerald

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About David Fitz-Gerald

David Fitz-Gerald is an author. Okay, make that amateur author. If you’re looking for the atheist activist author by the same name, keep looking! After a chaotic day as a business person, Dave enjoys getting lost in the settings he imagines and spending time with the characters he creates. Writing historical fiction is like making paintings of the past. He loves to weave fact and fiction together, stirring in action, adventure, romance, and a heavy dose of the supernatural with the hope of transporting the reader to another time and place. He is an Adirondack 46-er, which means he has hiked all of the highest peaks in New York State, so it should not be surprising when Dave attempts to glorify hikers as swashbuckling superheroes in his writing. Wanders Far—An Unlikely Hero’s Journey is the first in a series of books in the Adirondack Spirit Series.


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